CMR Dirt2 is Out and it’s Fantastic!

When you look at the history of Rally games, there are only a few worth to mention, such as Rally Masters, Richard Burns Rally, Rallisport Challenge (The first one) and perhaps Rally Trophy from Jowood.

Until Dirt2, Codemasters have been trying hard to create a game  with good handling and of course eye candy graphics. All previous  CMR games had pretty good graphics but lacking decent handling, specially cornering which is the most important and fun bit of Rally games.

In my opinion, Rally Masters was the only game which provided close to real  handling, sliding and hassle free on-line play for PC.

Richard Burns Rally was too realistic, at the end it was not fun playing online.

Rallisport Challenge had really good graphics but handling was pretty lame. The shame bit, Digital Illusions who originally created Rally Masters, made this game for Microsoft, yet could not achieve the same handling as Rally Masters.  Having said that, I enjoyed playing Rallisport challenge (offline only)

My son Eren and I love playing Rally games. Yesterday when he was at school, I couldn’t help myself and bought a copy  of Dirt2. I was not happy to pay AUD$99.00 for a game but I was desperate to test it so I bought it. As a bonus, they gave me a Dirt2 T-Shirt and a Pre-order bonus code (even though I did not pre-order the game) at the end money well spent!

The verdict: I must say, Dirt2 has exceeded my expectations. Handling is really good and the graphics are amazing. Having said that, I don’t know why but Codemasters is running away from  WRC type Rally only game play. Basically the game is lacking Rally tracks. What Codemasters now must do is to give us the Rally fans a “Rally Only” game without the all other bits and pieces.

Overall, well done Codemasters, you are on the right TRACK!

~ by Yalın on September 19, 2009.

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